Hothouse Spring 2014 is GO – we have lift-off!

541398_10152227691108012_967829795_n This is just a quick word to announce that the first session of the first Hothouse Project course of 2014, “Journalism as Craft and Art” kicked off with the proverbial BANG. Another intriguing bunch of students showed, and it looks like the next seven weeks will generate fun and enlightenment for all concerned … me included, of course.

And, equally needless to say, I can’t wait for the first batch of homework to arrive.

(Yep, there’s homework … I’m’a work ’em like DAWGS.)

One Hothouse closes, another one opens

Charles Shaar Murray Hothouse writing course London NW6

Hothouse in session … November 2013

Last Thursday marked the end of the Winter 2013 sessions of The Hothouse Project. my writing course in Journalism As Craft And Art, held on Thursday nights in leafy/arty West Hampstead. We had another excellent bunch of students this time around, and their enthusiasm and hard work made it a real pleasure to teach. We had guest contributions from Paul Anderson (on the view from the Subs’ Desk) and Anna ‘Madam Miaow’ Chen (on the ins, outs and sidewayses of the blogosphere) and a thoroughly enlightening good time was had by all …

So we’re doing it again next February, once more aided, abetted and sponsored by the good folks at Storm Books and Aaaargh! Press. The Spring 2014 Hothouse Project course is now officially open for business, and I’m looking forward to passing on whatever it is I’ve learned during four-and-a-bit decades at the cultural coalface to a fresh bunch of people who love to write and want to learn how to do it just that little bit better.

We’ll soon be adding a selection of the best work from the Winter 2013 Hothouse Project students, which you’ll be able to find on the Storm Books site, so watch for the announcement of that coming any day now.

So: thanks to all the students who did the last course … and eagerly awaiting to the opportunity to work with next bunch … hopefully including YOU.


Anna, CSM and Paul Anderson recuperate from a Hothouse session outside a recommended local hostelry

Hothouse: cometh the hour …

Hothouse journalism as craft and art creative writing course… and we’re getting ever closer to the September 26 launch of the 2013 edition of The Hothouse Project course in Journalism As Craft And Art, in which I share the whizzdom accumulated over several decades running a small adjective factory. Still a few places left before kickoff this Thursday …

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