Sunday lunch with Wilko Johnson


Charles Shaar Murray does Sunday lunch with Wilko Johnson and Team Wilko in Southend

After a delightful visit to Wilko Johnson — who, leave us not forget, stared death in the face and saw death back down — I dashed off a quick Facebook post, which went sort of like this:

“Yesterday: a lovely Sunday afternoon by the seaside … to be precise, hanging out with Wilko Johnson and a bunch of his mates, including the inimitable Norman Watt-Roy, Wilk’s manager Lisa Climie, his saviour cancer specialist/ace photographer Charlie Chan (yep, that really is his name and yep, he’s heard ALL the jokes at least 100 times each so he doesn’t need to hear any of them again, ever), the splendiferous Anna Chen and several other lovely peeps.

“Festivities included an epic Chinese meal, during which everybody ate until it hurt and everybody who wasn’t driving drank until their back teeth floated. Wilk’s still in the comparatively early stages of recovery from his MASSIVE life-saving surgery, but he’s in good spirits (though he’s no longer drinking any), working hard to rebuild strength and stamina, itching to resume maltreating Telecasters in public and even speculating on returning to Game of Thrones once Ser Ilyn Payne is no longer ill in pain and he’s strong enough to wield the Big Sword once more. And he thanks all y’all for the good vibes.”

Imagine my surprise (and I’ll imagine yours) when THIS suddenly showed up in the Daily Express We noted with some amusement that my offhand reference to ‘the seaside’ somehow ended up in Express-ese as a visit to the beach. Which it wasn’t – we convened chez Wilk and then decamped en masse to the raththah mahvellus Zen City for the Big Eat.

Gad sir, will these meejah vulchaz stop at nothing?

Pix by Team Wilko member Micky Fawcett

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