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The best writing course in London: legendary critic Charles Shaar Murray's Hothouse Journalism as Craft and Art

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Charles Shaar Murray’s masterclasses in journalism as creative writing are held in Camden, North London.



One of Britain’s greatest-ever music journalists, Charles Shaar Murray, passes on his writing skills to a new generation.

If you want a serious journalism masterclass, get it from someone who has been doing it since Hendrix was still alive, the Beatles were still together, Iggy Pop was still in Detroit and Johnny Rotten was still selling acid outside Hawkwind gigs.

Charles Shaar Murray helped to reinvent rock journalism more than 40 years ago and he can still teach the youngbloods some new tricks.

His “Journalism as Craft and Art” writing course is the basis of our alternative education group, The Hothouse Project, featuring the best of the ideals and artistic values of classic counter-culture. We share rigorous, hard-headed journalistic craft, to bring literary quality into even the most mundane journalistic tasks, and offer an inspiring alternative to the flatlining culture, showing you how to inject style and subversion into a timid, conformist media landscape. We’ll skill you up, sharpen your claws, broaden your bandwith and widescreen your horizons. Covering writing from journalism to poetry and publishing.

“front-line cultural warrior” and “original gunslinger” Independent on Sunday

The Hothouse Project is a vehicle for me to pass on to new writers, both in classes and in one-to-one tutorials, some of what I’ve learned in over forty years hewing at the journalistic coalface.

Writing is both a professional skill and a fundamentally life-enhancing ability well worth developing even for those who have no ambitions to turn pro. Whatever else you do in your life, being able to write coherently, informatively, entertainingly and eloquently is an asset comparatively few people possess.

Talent is inborn. Technique can be taught and learnt. Skill is developed. I can’t guarantee to turn a bad writer into a good one, or even a good writer into a great one. What I CAN do is help a good writer become a better one, and a promising writer to develop the skills and sensibility necessary to be able to deliver on that promise.

If there’s a writer in you, I’d like to try to bring it out. I love the idea of nurturing talent. I want to help you to do work you’ll be proud of, and I want to be able to be proud of you.

Charles Shaar Murray

Some thoughts on rock criticism …

The greatest music journalist in Britain: Charles Shaar Murray teaches his writing skills at the Hothouse Project

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The Hothouse Project holds classes in eight-week courses or private one-to-one tuition in North West London.

Hothouse course hosted by Storm Books and new small publishers on the block, Aaaargh! Press.




“I attended Charles Shaar Murray’s initial pioneering Hothouse series of lessons in journalism (and life!) which was amazingly fun, challenging, thoroughly enjoyable and, essentially, useful on a very practical level; far, far more informative and inspirational, in my opinion, than the course I did with the London School of Journalism – Charles’ course is personal, packed with anecdote, caters to the individual and is so helpful for anyone brushing up their journalistic skills or branching out into different types of writing. 5 shiny gold stars from me – I’d do the course again just for fun to be honest!”
Juliet Rossetti

“I thought your course was ‘write on’! You polished and perfected everyone’s writing style. I felt privileged to have been coached by you. You imparted a lot of knowledge. The course was well structured and more importantly, good fun. Would I recommend it? Absolutely. PS: to date your advice still influences my writing. I now write about food (sustainability / local produce) and I approach it like it’s rock n’roll.”
Tessa Christian

“For anyone interested in the processes of writing and assessing creative journalism, Charles Shaar Murray‘s Hothouse Project courses are essential!”
David Hodson

Student coursework writing from the Hothouse Project “Journalism as Craft and Art” course 2010
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