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Tuesday 30th October 2018
Guilty Pleasures: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Action Hero in the Age of Trump
A retro-review of The Last Action Hero: time to revisit one of Arnie’s rare flops and investigate why it works even better now than it did in 1993. As Donald Trump proves, “In this world the bad guys can win!”

Friday 27th June 2014
Cadillac Records — a Game of Chess:
The crucial clue is right up front in Darnell Johnson’s cinematic riff on the legend of Chess Records, the label which recorded the music which defined Chicago blues in the 1950s: a card telling us that it’s ‘based on a true story.’ Key-word: BASED. Cadillac Records is emphatically not a historically-accurate drama-doc: it’s a Hollywood fantasia which may indeed be set in dusty Mississippi and grimy South Side Chicago, but which actually takes place in a parallel universe where important characters either don’t exist or fulfil roles often markedly different from the ones they played in our world. . …