Chalkie Davies Goes Click At Snap, bringing crackle to pop …

Best rock photograoher Charles Shaar Murray with best music journalist Charles Shaar Murray

Chalkie Davies Snap Gallery

To Piccadilly Arcade’s Snap Gallery (Jaysus, what a gallery queen I’m becoming in my old age) with the ever-delightful Anna Chen to enjoy an emotional and long-overdue reunion with dear friend and former NME colleague, ace photog Chalkie Davies, now long since resident in New York. We were there to check out his mini-exhibition Chalkie Davies Goes Click, a tantalising teaser/prequel for a way more grand and elaborate show to held next year at the National Museum of Wales and featuring 33 classic shots from his days (months, years …) at the NME, including unforgettable images of Blondie, The Clash, Bowie/Ronson, The ‘Oo (well, Pete Townshend’s smashed Rickenbacker), John Lydon, Elvis Costello, Phil Lynott, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Sid’n Nancy, David Byrne and many, many more.

We ended up not in a Soho doorway but in one of our favourite West End eateries, The Canton, for major catch-ups and anecdotage, much of which cannot enter the public domain as long as all three of us remain alive.

Chalkie’s exhibition runs until April 26, so ankle along … hey! Ya never know … Jah Chalk might even be there in person …

Chalkie Davies Anna Chen photograph Pete Townshend's smashed guitar

Shots From The Hip shoots back!

Charles Shaar Murray Shots From the Hip Aaaargh Press After decades in the out-of-print wilderness, Shots From The Hip, my 1991 collection of journalism, criticism and vulgar abuse has once again reared its fuzzy head as a Kindle-type ebooky thing from those wonderful folks at Aaaargh! Press. Originally published by Penguin, and edited and introduced by my dear friend and former boss Neil Spencer, it now boasts a groovy new cover, a phabulous phoreword by my blues brother Dr Joel Nathan Rosen and a brandnew Outroduction by … well, by me.

Don’t be without it for another nanosecond. Clickage can occur here.

Hothouse Spring 2014 is GO – we have lift-off!

541398_10152227691108012_967829795_n This is just a quick word to announce that the first session of the first Hothouse Project course of 2014, “Journalism as Craft and Art” kicked off with the proverbial BANG. Another intriguing bunch of students showed, and it looks like the next seven weeks will generate fun and enlightenment for all concerned … me included, of course.

And, equally needless to say, I can’t wait for the first batch of homework to arrive.

(Yep, there’s homework … I’m’a work ’em like DAWGS.)

Charles Shaar Murray panellises for the benefit of the indispensable Resonance FM —

Charles Shaar Murray, Resonance FM, benefit panel, Jude Rogers, Andrew Mueller, David Stubbs, Slaughtered Lamb, Neil DennyNever miss an opportunity to pose, dressed in black, before a blazing bloodred neon pentagram. Especially when it’s for the fundraisy benefit of an institution as wunderbar as London’s Resonance FM 104.4 indie-arts radio thang (which, let it not be forgotten, hosts — among much other fab stuffage — Anna Chen‘s Madam Miaow’s Culture Lounge, held at The Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell. And most especially not when it enables one to participate in a discussion on the past, present and future of rock journalism with the likes of David Stubbs, Jude Rogers and Andrew Mueller, hosted by the mega-urbane Neil Denny of the Little Atoms show.

Which is what I did last week — and this is what it sounded like. Wit rather than wittering, and wisdom ta rass, dreadee.

The only thing that pissed me off about an otherwise fabulous evening is that I forgot to grab this golden opportunity to plug my Hothouse writing course and hardsell the last few available places …